The Ministry Announces100% Saudization in Careem, Uber and Other Application

Saudi Transport Minister has announced 100% Saudization on taxis being run through private application like Kareem, Uber etc. To know more keep reading till the end of the article.

Transport Authority Confirmed the News

The Chairman of the Public Transport Authority, says the next application will be specific for taxis, companies and private taxis. None of these foreigners will be allowed to work.

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, it is said that,

The 100% Saudization of application taxis has been taken to provide maximum employment opportunities to the Saudis.

Saudi Youth is successful in the field of Transport

According to them, the Saudi youth have also achieved many successes in the field of transport, which shows that they can achieve more successes in the field of transport. The Saudi minister said that due to the exposure of Saudis in the transport sector, the proportion of Saudi expat workers has dropped to 4% per cent. After the new move, all positions in this sector will be in the name of Saudis. Read more: The Ministry Announces Saudization in Accounting Department

Several Programs may start in Collaboration with other Ministries

The Public Transport Authority is running several programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. He added that amending the traffic law to allow Saudis to use private vehicles for travel has benefited greatly. Read more: Saudization in 9 Key Sectors to Take Place from 2020 Onwards

Funds for Private Vehicles are being provided by Banks

Besides, the agreement with the Social Promotion Bank to provide funds for private vehicles also encouraged the Saudis in the transport sector, while the agreement with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to increase the income of Saudis by 40% has also had a positive effect. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Youth was Praised by Chairman Public Transport

He praised the Saudi youth who have proved themselves in all fields of transport. In this regard, he thanked the public and private institutions that have helped transport schemes to make Saudi youth successful.

He expressed satisfaction that in the days of the Corona epidemic, young people were allowed to earn at least 3,000 riyals for three months when they joined the home delivery service. These public behaviors are encouraged by the government. For more information regarding this topic visit our website and keep reading the good stuff till then take care of yourself and the surrounding.

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