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The Ministry of Education Announces to Open School for Students

Schools all over the world have been forced to close due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Saudi Ministry of Education intends to reopen schools, but students and teachers must first receive two (2) doses of the corona vaccine. Read the complete news below to learn about the start of formal education in nursery and primary schools.

The Saudi Ministry of Education has said that those who receive the Covid-19 vaccine will regularly attend middle and secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education further says that,

When the seventy (70) percent of the total population of the country would have taken both doses of the corona vaccine then the formal education will begin in primary and nursery.

High school and middle school students in Saudi Arabia who have completed their vaccination program are expected to return to school by the end of August 2021.

More than 27.2 million vaccination doses have been provided in Saudi Arabia, with 8.25 million people receiving both shots, accounting for 23.7 percent of the country’s 34.8 million people. Read more: All You Need to Know About Delta Virus of Covid-19

Two Doses of Corona Vaccination Are Necessary!

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education said in a statement on Sunday that if 70% of the population had not received both doses of the vaccine by October 30, 2021, there would be no formal start to nursery and primary education from that date. Read more: Covid-19 Vaccine is Must to Enter the Public, Private and Educational Establishments From August 01, 2021

If 70% of the total population has taken doses before October 30, 2021, then nursery and primary schools will be open regularly from the same day.

12-year-old Students Will be Given a Second Dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Earlier, the Education Ministry said in a statement that students over the age of 12 would also be given a second dose of the vaccine. Read more: Will Corona Vaccinated People Die a Year Later?

Vaccination of Teachers and Students is Mandatory!

The Ministry said that the process of giving two (2) doses to the students, including the teaching staff, has been started in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Read more: Procedure to Register Vaccine in Tawakkalna for Saudi Expats

“Two (2) doses have been made mandatory for attendance in the teaching process in all schools.”

The Ministry further said that, schools will be open from August 29, 2021 and for the safety of teaching staff, including students, it is necessary to give two injections of the corona vaccine.

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