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The Moroor Clarifies that Seat Belt Violation Doesn’t Apply for the Certain Vehicles

The Traffic Police department (Moroor) reminded that the seat belt law applies to vehicles of 1985 and later models. The traffic police clarified the question asked by a person regarding the seat belt law and challan. To know more, keep reading the article.

Traffic Laws in the Kingdom

The sources reported that in response to a query from the traffic police department (Moroor), it has been said that the traffic laws in the country are the same for everyone, whether they are locals or foreigners. An appeal can be filed on the seat belt challan automatically or traditionally according to the rules.

On Which Vehicles do these Laws apply?

The seat belt law applies to vehicles operated in the country that is of 1985 or later model. However, this law does not apply to vehicles having the model under 1985.

Question asked by the Traffic Police (Moroor)

A person from the traffic police (Moroor) had inquired whether he had a 1980 model car and whether the seat belt law would apply to him. However, the agency clarified his query in its response.

How much would be the Fine for not using the Seat Belt?

In Saudi Arabia, the driver and the passenger in the front passenger seat must use the seat belt, otherwise, there is a fine of 150 riyals.

A Nationwide Network of Automated Systems for Recording Violations

There is a nationwide network of automated systems for recording violations by the traffic police, which record a variety of violations, including seat belts, use of mobile phones while driving and mishandling. These include turning the vehicle on the wrong track, stopping the vehicle at a zebra crossing, and breaking the signal.

An Appeal against the Challan

With regard to traffic violations, if anyone suspects that his challan is inaccurate, then he is given the right to appeal. Upon appeal against the challan, the investigating officer is required to show him all the evidence based on which the challan was issued.

Seat belt laws have been clarified by the traffic police to the citizens explaining that on which vehicles do these laws apply and the fine for not wearing a seat belt. Stay tuned to the Saudi expat news for more.

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