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The New Procedure to Renew Driving License of Private Driver in Saudi Arabia

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Driving is a crucial part of your daily life. From moving through streets to different cities, from making your tourism plans to thrilling adventures a success, all you need is to have a car and a valid driving license. We have discussed previously how you can buy cars and make your move on the road a possibility.

Under Saudi Vision 2030, not only women get the chance to drive, but the Saudi expats are now allowed to drive wheels in Saudi Arabia and enjoy your dreams to the fullest. The main aim is to make the country progressive and developed through various sources of the economy like tourism. This opportunity of driving allows people the freedom they require while traveling to any kingdom.

But with driving comes the essential need to have an updated driving license. The Saudi government has changed the procedure to renew the driving license for private drivers. What is the new process? How can you renew your driving license? Read all about it in the article below.

Driving license cannot be renewed by Absher anymore

According to the Saudi Department of Traffic, a new method has been issued to renew the driving license of private drivers. This new flood on media when a local citizen asked the question about renewing his driving license.

What was the reply of the Department of Traffic on his question?

According to the Ajel website, a local citizen took his twitter to ask a question to the Department of Traffic. He said,

I was renewing my driver’s license through ‘Absher’. I tried this time but did not succeed. How can this work be done?

To which the Saudi Department of Traffic responded, there are three steps to renew your driving license.

What are the three (3) steps to renew your license?

The 3 steps to renew a private driver’s license is,

  • License fee should be submitted. 
  • If there are traffic violations, they should be removed.
  • The private driver should be examined.
  • The Applicant must be medically fit supported by his medical reports.

What to do after these three (3) steps?

After all three steps, the driver should contact the traffic school at the Driving School and submit a prepared application form. According to the Traffic Department, if the driver is successful in medical examination, a license renewal fee has been sent. If fines have been paid and the driver’s traffic record is cleared, then a license can be obtained by providing new photos. Read more: How to issue a Saudi Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Renew your driving license before it expires

The Department of Traffic also said that if a person wants to renew his driving license one year before the expiry of the driver’s license, it can happen too. But this new license will be applied after the old driver’s license has expired. Read more: How to Re-issue Lost, Burnt & Damaged Saudi Driving License?

Please share this article with your friends so everyone can enjoy their ride without any violation penalty and enjoy the kingdom in full swing. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Read more: Saudi visit visa holder can now enjoy driving in the kingdom


  • Yes, you can use your international driving license as per the new rule of the Saudi government.

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