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The Ran away Indian guy came back home in Sharjah

Brief background of the incident

Just a few days before, an Indian boy known as UAE expatriate left his home without telling his parents and ran to any unknown place in Sharjah. The parents got worried and kept on searching him and when after their search they got failed, they informed the relevant authorities to help them in searching for his son.

The missing boy’s complaint had been registered at Industrial Area Police Station and the Consulate General of India alerted as well. The Sharjah Police had intensified the hunt for a 15-year-old Indian boy, who had been missing since July 4, 2019.

Why the Indian Boy left the home?

Mohammad Perwez Alam, a student of Delta English School in Sharjah, allegedly ran away from his home in the Al Muwaileh school area after his mother scolded him for watching YouTube videos on his mobile phone late into the night.

The Mother said that he left the home between 1 am and 4 am

Subsequent to the prayers and dinner on the night of July 3, the family went to sleep. Perwez’s mother woke up to use the bathroom and found out that he had been watching videos in his room. She yelled at him and had an argument with him.

After this, she went back to sleep again. The family suspects that he may have left the house between 1 am and 4 am. They woke up at 4 am and looked for him everywhere, but could not find him.

Do you know that Pakistani men helped Perwez while he was missing?

The runaway teenager spent 14 days living with a group of kind Pakistani men who shared a villa in Ajman. After sneaking out of home, he rode his bicycle to a petrol station in Al-Rahmaniya area of Sharjah.

There he spent Dh.5 on breakfast after Fajr prayers. He then slept inside the mosque for two hours.

Do you know that The Indian boy lied to get the place to stay away from his family?

Perwez met some bachelors who took pity on the teenager. He lied to them and said that his parents had gone to India on an emergency and he was left behind. He convinced them he was hungry and wanted a place to stay.

The Pakistan men handed over to the Sharjah CID Officers

The workers offered to call his parents and even got him a telephone calling card to India. But, he said he did not know the number. Finally, a person who recognized him from pictures in the media alerted Ajman Police officials,” said Alam.

He was then handed over to the Sharjah CID officers who took him to the Industrial Area Police Station.

The Indian boy came back home after 14 days of being away

The Indian teenage boy who went missing for 14 days before has now reunited with his family. The boy is good and he is settling down well at home, according to his father.

The boy underwent medical tests on Saturday and he is perfectly fine. There is nothing to worry about. Medical reports have come out well and he is in good health.

The family had spent sleepless nights worrying about the fate of their teenage son who ran away from their home in Muweilah, Sharjah, reportedly after his mother reprimanded him for watching YouTube videos late into the night. After a massive search that stretched for 14 days, Perwez finally returned to his family at 3 am on July 19, much to the relief of his parents.
The family claimed that subsequent to the return of an Indian boy, the family is making him relaxed, not asking any annoying questions and providing much peace and comfort to him.

The parents agreed that they did mistake by being harsh with their son

The Indian boy’s father said that he wants the parents of teenagers to learn a lesson from his mistake. He further said, he made a mistake by being too harsh on my son. It is important to listen to our children and grant some of their wishes. If we don’t listen to them, how will they listen to us?”

He promised to give Perwez some more freedom to enjoy his favorite shows and go out with friends.

The father said that he is willing to do anything to make him happy. The pain and trauma he went through for two weeks have changed his approach to parenting. I want to be my son’s best friend so that he will never think about leaving home again.

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Source: Hindustan Times

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