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The Saudi Embassy in Pakistan Starts to Issue New Work Visa

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, many expatriates who had the visa of Saudi Arabia could not fly to the kingdom as the lockdown was imposed. However, the Saudi Arabian embassy in Pakistan has begun the process of re-verifying the visas of Saudi expat workers who could not travel to the country due to travel restrictions. Thirty thousand Pakistani workers will benefit from this. To know more, read the article below.

Process of Cancellation of Old visas

According to the Saudi embassy,

The process of cancellation of old visas and issuance of new visas has started for those Pakistanis who were ready to leave for Saudi Arabia before Coronavirus but could not leave due to travel restrictions.

What Other Services are Provided by the Embassy?

A directive issued by the Saudi Arabian embassy to all recruiting agencies and overseas Pakistani employment promoters states that a work visa extension service has been launched at the embassy. The purpose of this is to facilitate the workers.

What are the Requirements for the Renewing of visas?

The Saudi embassy reported that the Pakistani workers who wish to revoke their old visas and apply for a new one must submit a certified letter from the sponsor to the Saudi Foreign Ministry and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and a new medical certificate. They should upload new medical reports online only from previous e-numbers of workers.

When will the new Visa be Issued?

Once the paperwork is completed, the old visa will be automatically revoked and a new work visa will be issued.

Extension of Stay due to COVID-19

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Immigration, in the first phase, the Saudi government extended the stay of workers on leave in Pakistan who had come to Pakistan but could not return due to travel restrictions and their stay had expired. Similarly, those in Saudi Arabia who wanted to return but could not return despite the final exit were given a free extension. Now, in the third phase, new visas are being issued to those workers who were supposed to leave in March-April but could not go.

How many workers can Benefit from this Facility?

According to the Bureau of Immigration, about 30,000 workers will benefit from this facility. The number of people who were protected in March was more than 30,000, but now it is up to the sponsor to issue a new letter to their workers. The bureau reported that this number could be reduced if the sponsor did not need the relevant worker.

Citizens can send the letter to the Ministry to renew their visas. After the process is completed, the citizens can collect their new visas. This process would benefit thousands of workers working in the Kingdom. To know more, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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