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The Saudi Police Arrested a man for Walking on Jeddah streets with a Lion

Pet animals are carried by the majority but the young man was found with a different kind of pet on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

What was the Pet animal?

On Monday evening, a Saudi national man was found roaming on the streets of the Western side of Jeddah with his pet animal. Everything was supposed to be smooth if it was an ordinary pet. The animal he was carrying was a full-grown lion.

Who says the man on the street?

The newspaper Sabq reported that the local security authorities were told by the people that a man was walking with a wild animal in front of a cafeteria.

Was the Lion taken away?

When informed to the police, they went to the site where the man was keeping the lion in the car. He arrested the man for further questioning. However, the city municipal authority took over the lion. The man handed him to them without any delay, as per said by the reports.

What was announced publicly?

The wildlife authorities of the kingdom said that bringing up wild animals or trading them is against the law. The agency announced and took in confidence the public to report any activity keeping the wild animals.

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Source: Gulf News

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