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The Saudi Traffic Department Sets 3 Conditions for the Sale of Cars

In Saudi Arabia, a new policy has been imposed. This facility is for those who want to sale out their defective vehicles. According to the policy, the traffic department (Moroor) has set three (3) conditions for the sale of unusable vehicles in ‘Tashlih’. But what are these conditions? Is there any other condition other than these? To know the answers, read the articles below.

Where are these Vehicles Sold?

Those vehicles that are disable and not usable in the country are bought by shopkeepers for scrap. Where these vehicles are sold, they are called ‘Tashlih’.

What Statement was Given by the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor)?

According to the local news website, the Saudi traffic department (Moroor) said in a statement on its official Twitter account that,

Three (3) conditions must be met in order to sell vehicles with identification.

What are these Conditions?

Three (3) conditions were given by the Saudi traffic department (Moroor) in which the first one says that,

The owner of the vehicle has already paid the fines for all of the traffic violations.

What is the Second (2nd) Condition?

The second condition regarding the sale of defective cars states that,

The vehicle registration should be effective.

What is the Third (3rd) Condition?

The third one is that,

The car sales document should be with him.

What Other Conditions were Implemented Other than these?

According to the reports, the Saudi traffic department (Moroor) also said that the number plates and affidavits have to be presented while dealing with the vehicle so that the vehicle can be removed from the records of its owner.

This is the policy imposed by the Saudi government for the sale of the detective cars in the country. These conditions should be fulfilled in order to sell the car. For more information regarding different stories, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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Source: Ajel News

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