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The Saudi woman threw acid on her brother and his family in Jeddah

Siblings have a sacred bond. They live together for a huge period of their lives, fight with one another yet care about each other the most. It is one of the unique kinds of relationship where you fight like enemies in one second and sit together to share food at the second.

But what happens that the beauty of this relationship is distorted? Why a sister went on killing his brother? Read the article to know about everything in detail.

Who was the brutal woman?

The brutal woman was a Saudi resident living in Jeddah. She had differences with his brother on the matter of inheritance. She was quite offended by his brother and wanted to kill them so she can have her due share in the property. Read more: Saudi youths rescue panicking kids stuck in house fire

Did she attack her brother?

No, she didn’t attack her brother. She had an Saudi expat man with whom she had contracts earlier for about 6 months through social media. She paid him 50,000 SR/- as an advance for the task and later she promised to give 1 million riyal as cash and a brand new car as a gift after successful completion of the task. Read more: Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

How did they attack his brother?

The hired Saudi expat man had an eye on his brother. He told the court that he was looking for the right time to attack his brother and his family. One day when he saw a woman’s brother, his wife and four children coming out of a shopping mall he finds it appropriate and took his car near them and threw acid. Read more: Saudi Woman’s Car Set on Fire in Makkah By Young Men Who Harassed Her

Did the court take any action?

The issue was taken in the criminal court in Jeddah. The judge sentenced two years jail for the Saudi woman and four years in prison for the hired Saudi expat man who threw acid on them.

Why the retrial occurred?

The court of Appeals in Makkah turned down the sentence issued by the criminal court saying that the punishment was very light keeping in mind that the victims have to stay with burned faces for the rest of their lives. It returned the case to public prosecution for retrial.

What did the Court of appeal say?

The court said that the culprit did an attempt at first-degree murder and entitles to capital punishment. The Court asked the prosecution to seek discretionary capital punishment for the two culprits and kept the private rights case open for the victims to demand retrial at any time of their choice. Read more: Video: Cigarette Causes Explosion at the Wedding Party in Saudi Arabia

What happened at the retrial?

After the retrial, the Saudi expat accomplice was sentenced eight years in prison and the Saudi woman issued four years in prison.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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