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The Selling and Buying of Cars Through Online Absher Account in KSA Now

Saudi Arabia is on its way to Modernization and to really become a modern nation it has been allowing certain liberties for the people to enjoy their lives. The Government lifts the ban when driving wheels for women for the first time, allowing women to become independent. New events were organized of international par to attract the media and foreigners to Saudi Arabia.

Whether it is the boxing competition of Joshua or the snooker world championship in the coming year. May it be the WWE in Riyadh or music concerts of the famous singers. Not only this, country came out of its traditional office boundary and shifted to a digital medium to carry things at pace with the world. The Absher website is the talk of the town because of the various services it is launching every day.

You will find the derastic and a very pleasant change in Saudi Arabia which ranges from assisting people in their permits and licenses to guiding people in health and education. What big the Absher has actually announced this time is undoubtedly the interest of everyone. Do you have any idea about it? If not, then read the article below.

Absher provided a medium for payment transfer

Recently, the Absher made to headlines when it opened the service of online buying and selling of cars through it. However, the issue of payment between the two concerned parties was a difficulty. But now Absher has taken care of this and introduced the payment method to assist the buyers and sellers. Read more: Procedure to transfer of Car ownership through Electronic services on Absher very soon

What is the method of payment through Absher app?

According to sources, the Department of Traffic has given a four-point procedure of payment transfer through this smartphone app. They are,

  1. As per the Government payment system, the buyer will pay through SABB.
  2. To complete the deal, the buyer will insure the vehicle
  3. The buyer will pay the amount for the car to the seller through the Saudi British Bank (SABB).
  4. After the deal is completed, the amount will be transferred to the seller’s account.

What is the benefit of payment through the online procedure?

According to the Ministry of Interior, the benefit of online payment of cars will ensure that if the deal is cancelled due to any reason, the amount will be sent back to the buyer within 72 hours. Read more: New services launched in Absher to facilitate citizens & Saudi expats

Can anyone advertise their vehicle on Asbher for free?

Yes anyone having an account on the Absher app can advertise their vehicle on it for selling. But the salesman has to pay 200 riyals to the Absher fund. Read more: Saudi expats can buy SUV in the Kingdom

When was this new service of Absher launched?

The new service of Absher was launched on 17 December 2019 by the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

This is indeed an excellent step for the buyers and sellers to unite at one platform for effective sales and purchase. The chances of theft and wrongdoing could be decreased. In the digital era of the 21st century, these kinds of steps are a necessity. Let’s see how the Government and the nation will utilize this facility.


For transferring ownership of the car, the fees you have to pay is SR 400/-. However, the third-party insurance costs SR 750/-.

  • The buying and transfer of ownership can be done via Absher. However, the transfer of other ownership involving trade activities of companies and establishments will still have to be done through the showrooms or the concerned offices.

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