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This Flower Blossoms on the Call of Adhan

Across the Muslim community, Adhan is the Muslim call to prayer that transmits a message to followers to offer prayer five (5) times a day. It is assumed that Adhan’s tone has favorable consequences on human nature. The folks who live in Azerbaijan, however, claim that Adhan is not only significant to humans, but also has potential benefits on nature.

The Flower Blooms when Hearing Adhan!

Adhan’s tone wakes up the flowers for worship. The petals are also blooming with every verse of Adhan’s tone. During each Adhan of Fajr, Duhar, Asar, Maghrib, and Esha, the Adhan flower instantly grows. And that’s why the flower is called the flower of Adhan. During Adhan, this flower blossoms five (5) times a day and then suddenly stops growing when the Adhan is over.

This Enhances the Believes of Muslims an also Urge the Non-Muslims to Accept Islam!

This Adhan Flower relates to the local region and at the moment of Adhan, it blossoms. Breakthroughs of the impact of Islam on nature are emerging with each day, which is why, over period, numbers of non-Muslims accept Islam. People who are non-Muslims may not believe it, but upon seeing the clip, they always consider it incredible.

Imaan is Revived by such Astonishing Events!

Our imaan is revived by such occurrences, it is really worth going to glance at. Many people are making videos of this flower seen sparkling with the Adhan.

These videos are being shared all over the world through different platforms like facebook, instagram, youtube, and wattsapp etc.

Report by CNN news channel!

The number of individuals who were shocked to see this has submitted these videos to a top CNN news channel. CNN also did a report on this and people are fully aware of this wonder of the Allah SWT.

CNN, the American channel, discusses on the influence of Adhan not only on humans but also on flowers species. As Adhan has a mystical link between Muslims and Lord in the world, the faith in the flower grow is linked to Azan.

Flowers in Azerbaijan!

This can be seen in Azerbaijan, and when the Muazzin calls for Adhan each time people there have these flowers in their residences to see this spectacular sight.

According to the Azerbaijani Botanist, 

These flowers and plants can be found in various shapes and colors, and every single plant, in its own way, is unique.

It’s a Great MIX!

He also admired the link between science and spirituality and called it a great mix. The CNN reporter was also shocked to see this unfolding in front of him. These events always reassure any believer that there are still many signs to be shown by Allah.

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