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Timings of Opening and Closing Masjid for Daily & Jumma Prayers for Covid-19

The Ministry of Religious affairs in Saudi Arabia has announced that all activities in the mosques related to giving Da’wah (act of calling people to embrace Islam and giving lectures to the Muslims) has been called off.

No such activity will take place further in order to prevent the outspread of COVID-19 disease.  However, it has announced that all such activities will be performed and conducted through online medium as a precautionary step.

Also, the Ministry in addition to the above has actually taken some other measures in order to prevent the increase in COVID-19 cases which have been mentioned as follows:

  1. It has been announced that the difference between the calling of prayer and the start of the prayer will be not more than 10 minutes.
  2. The Mosques in Saudi Arabia from now onwards will be opened upon the call of the AZAAN and will be closed immediately after ten minutes of finishing the Fard (Mandatory) prayer.
  3. The Mosques on the day of Jumma Prayer will be opened only 30 minutes before the calling of Adhan and will be closed after 15 minutes of finishing the prayer.
  4. The Jummah Sermon will not be conducted for more than 15 minutes including the conduct of Jumma Prayer.

The Ministry has reinforced and reminded the mosques administrator to ensure the compliance of the followings as well:

  1. Each person who visits the mosque must bring his own carpet for offering prayer.
  2. Everyone should ensure they wear mask while coming to the mosque.
  3. The distance should be at least 1.5 meters between two offerors of prayer while praying.
  4. The administrator of the mosque must on an urgent basis increase the sanitization process of the whole mosque, toilets and ablution areas along with ensuring the cleanliness in the mosque.

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