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Tinting car windows can be a violation under certain conditions

Cars are a part of daily usage. You spend most of your time in the car, especially if you a man. From going to groceries to visiting shopping malls, from treating in hospitals to going on vacation by the airport, you need a car every time. Without a car, things get complicated. You become dependent and decisive about your plans and outings.

You cannot go for a cup of coffee late at 2 am if you use local transport. You become limited to your outings. Being spending a lot of time in the car, people get the intense craze of decorating their vehicles. Often we see people placing various stickers and logos on it. During national events such as Independence, elections, etc. People use the car as a symbol of their patriotism and love for the selected party.

During the wedding, the same vehicles are decorated in a bouquet to get the bride. Another similar trend is the painting/ tinting of glasses. It is especially rich in Saudi Arabia, where people are a bit conservative and want to paint/ tint glasses so no one can see what’s happening inside. There might be benefits and loss of this act, but the government of Saudi Arabia has made it official that painting glasses can be done conditionally. It was, however, restricted before. What are those conditions where you can paint/ tint the car? To get to know all about this new rule, Read the article below.

Glasses of can be Tinted conditionally

According to the Saudi Department of Traffic, the glasses of the cars can be tinted conditionally. Further, if any violations are made on those conditions, then the offender will be entitled under the breach of the terms and charged strictly. The violator shall be penalized up to SR.150. Read more: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2020 

What are the conditions under which the glasses can be tinted?

According to the Ajel website, the traffic department has mentioned the conditions under which you can tint glasses. They are,

  • The glass should be transparent when it comes to color. 
  • It doesn’t matter which type of glass it is and if the glass does not reflect the image. 
  • The glass should not be restricted in the state and is not harmful to any human or environment.
  • No paint/ tint is allowed on the front or rear glass of the vehicle.

Can every car paint/ tint their glasses?

According to the traffic department, vehicles that are allowed to paint glasses under certain conditions are cars that have a driving cabin, and their rear seats are allocated for the transfer of rides. Read more: Procedure for Reporting Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Which cars cannot have their conditional glasses painted/ tinted?

According to an order passed, following cars cannot have their glasses painted/ tinted conditionally. They are,

  • Limousines cars.
  • Ordinary taxis.
  • Daily rides.
  • One-door sports cars.
  • Luggage vehicles.
  • Buses providing transport services within the city.

What is the violation scheme announced by the Traffic department?

The Traffic Department has warned citizens and Saudi expats about six violations, some of them have fines up to SR.10,000. Stating on Twitter, the traffic department mentioned,

The minimum penalty for breaking a red signal is SR.3,000 and the maximum of SR.6,000, this is a breach that also destroys people’s lives. It has been added to the list of heavy traffic violations.

Using someone else’s car number plate is a heavy traffic violation, with a minimum fine of SR.5,000 and a maximum of SR.10,000. Further, the vehicle will be in our custody.

The violations that are a threat to public safety

According to the traffic law department, 11 violations are a threat to public safety. These include,

  • Tire scratching.
  • Driving with drunk or dream drugs.
  • Breaking a red signal.
  • Driving in the opposite direction.
  • Zig Zig Driving.
  • Driving with a diminished number plate.
  • Over-turning on turns and slopes.
  • Driving without proper brakes.
  • Driving without lights.
  • Operating at speeds over 25 km per hour, driving speed.
  • Driving during mobile use.

It is essential to follow these traffic guidelines and be aware of the violation penalty, not just it will cause you massive debts, but also it is a threat to other lives. We should always drive safely. It is better to leave early from home than to be quick on roads. Spread this article with your fellows and comment below what you think about this decision?

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