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Top 10 airlines of the world in 2019

With air travel came into existence, things have become much more comfortable. People can now visit their homelands in hours than the previous days or months. The distance has been covered, and the people are connected more easily with one another. Grab your passport, reach your nearest airport, get the ticket and go to your destination.

Now destination weddings, holidays and vacations have become a possibility and a new trend due to the ease of travel. However, to facilitate the passengers in real terms is the duty of the different airlines working at the current time. All the airlines aim to provide real comfort, cozy, and pleasant experience at the costly amount.

However, still, some lead the chart among the passengers due to their extra effort and services, while others are left behind due to a lack of experienced crew or environment. A consumer-aviation website Skytrax has recently uploaded the list of top 10 airlines of 2019 based on the opinions of 21 million survey responses filled with airline passengers.

Do you have an idea who topped the list? If not, don’t worry as we provide the list of top 10 airlines you can opt for if you are thinking about traveling. 

Top 10 airlines of the world in 2019

According to the survey, the following ten airlines made to the top 10 list with Qatar airways topping the list. However, no US-based airline made it even 20 top airlines in the world.

  1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways won the award for the best airline of the world in 2019 alongside the awards for the world’s best business class and business-class seat this year.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines won the awards for

  • The world’s best cabin crew
  • The best airline in Asia
  • The world’s best first-class
  • The world’s best first-class seat.
  1. ANA All Nippon Airways

Positioned at number 3, ANA All Nippon Airways won the awards for,

  • The world’s best airport services
  • The world’s best business-class onboard catering
  • The best business class in Asia
  • The best airline staff in Japan.
  1. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific was listed at 4rth position. It won the award for technology and safety in the year 2019.

  1. Emirates

Emirates won the award for the world’s best in-flight entertainment this year.

  1. EVA Air

Standing at the 6th position, EVA Air won the awards for,

  • The world’s best airline-cabin cleanliness
  • The world’s best economy-class catering.
  1. Hainan Airlines

For 2019, Hainan Airlines won the awards for,

  • Best airlines in China
  • The best airline staff in China
  • The world’s best business-class.
  1. Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways won exclusive awards for,

  • Best airline
  • Best first-class
  • Best business-class in the Australia/Pacific region.
  1. Lufthansa

Standing at 9th position in 2019 list of best airlines, Lufthansa won the awards for,

  • The best airline in Europe
  • The best first-class in Europe.
  1. Thai Airways

Lastly but not the least, Thai Airways positioned 10th won the awards for,

  • The best airline staff in Asia.
  • The world’s best airline spa facility.

So make your destination dreams a reality and enjoy the services of the above airlines. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below and let the world enjoy the best they can have.

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