Saudi Traffic Law

Saudi Traffic Violations Policy and Penalty Procedures Will Change in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has decided to change the policy of Saudi traffic violations and the method of collecting fines. To reduce the death rate by accidents, these policies are introduced in the kingdom. For detailed information, read the complete news below:

According to the new policy,

The collection of traffic fines will be fixed and the fines will have to be paid within the stipulated date.

Failure to Pay the Fine within the Stipulated Time will be Brought before Saudi Traffic Court

Sources said that those who do not pay the fine on time will be produced before Saudi traffic court. Like other countries in the world, the traffic court will oblige the violator to pay a fine. Read more: Saudi Driving License to be Issued Under New Conditions & Requirements

Traffic Security System in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been working since 2016 to improve and strengthen its traffic security system. The government wants to minimize deaths and accidents caused by traffic violations. Read more: 12 Cases Where an Insurance Company can Refuse to Pay a Claim

It should be noted that the Saudi government has managed to reduce traffic accidents by 34% since 2016 due to measures taken to ensure traffic safety. Read more: Grace Period to Renew Istimara in Saudi Arabia

Reduction in Death Rate

The death toll from traffic accidents has been reduced by 51%. There are two main reasons for this:

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