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Traffic Violations will now be Detected through new system known as CATSO

Saudi Arabia is known with one of the highest numbers of road accidents. It is maybe due to the smooth roads and good engine cars along with the irresponsibility of the young men to drive within the limitations. This has resulted in numerous terrible incidents. To keep an eye on such high-speeding and other traffic violation the government has introduced a new system. What is it about? How will the authorities take notice through it? Read all about the new detection system through the article below and drive safe.

CATSO – A detection system introduced in cars for cars

The Saudi Government has introduced a new mechanism and has actually installed a new system for recording violations of traffic laws known as CATSO. This system will be installed in a normal vehicle with no traffic signs of the traffic department.

When will it be launched for on groundwork?

According to newspaper 24, the new system has been launched initially from Jeddah. Prince Mashal bin Majid, Commissioner Jeddah, on Tuesday introduced the dynamic and fixed system CATSO. High-quality videos and photos of the new system-equipped vehicle have also been released. According to traffic authorities, the new system will reduce traffic accidents in the kingdom.

 How the new detection system will work?

The CATSO system will record the speed of vehicles on both sides of the road by AR X-rays. It can track speeds ranging from 30 to 260 km/h. One of the features of this system is that it has the highest speed of all types of vehicles. If a truck is found to be operating at a certain speed, then the system will record a violation.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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