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Transfer of Saudi Visit Visa in to Saudi Iqama

Every country has its defined rules and regulations. These rules require the necessary implementation to shift them from paper to reality. For this, a country needs a focused law enforcing authority and the essential check and balance. The inability to implement these rules results in a disaster where the nation is unable to identify how to cope up with the emerging problems and unfavorable conditions. Saudi Arabia is known to have strict rules and regulations.

The country strongly emphasizes working within the prescribed line of discipline, however, after the launch of Saudi Vision 2030, things have been changed a lot. People have started speculating that Saudi visitor visa can be transformed into a resident visa (Saudi Iqama). We have received a lot of queries regarding the procedure and the possibility of shifting the Saudi visitor visa. So to answer all these queries, we are here with a whole new separate article. Scroll down if you are facing a similar issue.

The Critical Question that Requires the Necessary Attention

The Saudi expats come in the country on a visa. It might be a worker, resident, visit, business visa, etc. Among all, the one that allows you to live in the kingdom for a more considerable period is the Saudi visit visa. Everyone wishes to convert their Saudi visa to a resident visa (Saudi Iqama) to reside in the kingdom comfortably. With the same aim, a Saudi expat asked the General Directorate of Passport (Saudi Jawazat) that the Saudi visit visa could be transferred to a resident identity (Saudi Iqama). She said on her Twitter account, Read more: Saudi visit visa holder can now enjoy driving in the kingdom

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings, is it possible to convert the children’s Saudi visit visa to Saudi Iqama with the knowledge that the mother has to sponsor the husband and the children to visit?

What did the Saudi Jawazat Reply to her Query?

The passports department (Saudi Jawazat) responded to her on Twitter by saying,

And upon you be peace, the instructions do not allow the Saudi visit visa to be transferred to the Saudi Iqama… Thank you.

What will Happen then after the Expiry of the Final Exit Visa?

The necessary thought comes in mind that what will happen after the Saudi final exit visa is expired to what the Saudi Jawazat issued a statement saying,

In the event, the Saudi expat does not leave after obtaining a final exit visa during the 60 days visa validity period, a fine of 1,000 riyals is imposed on him to cancel the visa and re-issue a new one, and the validity of the Saudi Iqama is required for him to finish the procedure. Read more: Procedure to Extend Saudi family visit visa

Other Queries Attached to the Saudi Visa Process

We have been receiving various messages asking what will happen if we don’t enter the kingdom during the validity of the exit re-entry visa? As mentioned in many previous articles, the Saudi Jawazat has made a clear stance that,

He cannot return to the Kingdom for three years and return to the same sponsor.

Further, there will be no need to visit the Saudi Jawazat office to apply the final exit visa and no longer as the system automatically applies two months after the expiration of the exit visa. Read more: Procedure to Apply for Saudi Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

We hope that your queries are resolved. If not, feel free to message us. We are here to reply to your questions with a legal basis to assist you in all possible ways. Please share this article with your fellows and subscribe to our website to receive notifications for every new article.

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