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Transfer of Sponsorship for Saudi Expat After Huroob is Applied

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Saudi Arabia has strict rules and regulations when it comes to working. From the compulsory need to have a sponsor/ kafeel, to work anywhere to depend on the sponsor/ kafeel for everything. From the extension of your Saudi visas to payments, one needs a sponsor/ kafeel. The Saudi expats are often found confessing about the problems they face with sponsors on various issues.

With the rapid Saudization, the question of sponsorship has arisen. Earlier things were quite smooth, but when the country started to remove Saudi expats from various posts, and different companies begin to shut down after their inability to rise to the green level of Nitaqat, it made Saudi expats leave their jobs as well.

The Saudi expats wanted to stay in the same country and search for any other source of work, but due to the sponsorship issues and uncooperative behavior of sponsors, they are having problems. At times, the sponsors are found applying Huroob on the employee that makes them leave the country as soon as possible. A similar query came when Abdul Qadoos from Jeddah asked what he can do. Read the answer in case to help anyone in your vicinity with the same issue.

The Question of Abdul Qados Running in Every Saudi Expat Minds

Abdul Qados from Jeddah had a problem that needs a quick answer as every Saudi expat has the same confusion. The question was,

My profession is that of Saiq-e-Khas (family driver). I got into a disagreement with the sponsor/ kafeel that resulted in kafeel imposing my Huroob. Since the ultimate validation hasn’t over yet, Can I change my sponsorship elsewhere?

Can Sponsorship be Changed if Huroob is Applied?

According to an expert who answered Abdul Qados query says that, all the matters related to Saiq-e-Khas (family driver) are carried out by the Saudi Jawazat, including change of sponsorship, issuance of forms, or other such matters. In your case, because the Huroob is imposed, it is important first to cancel the Huroob, which can only be done by the Sponsor/ Kafeel. Within a fixed period of 15 days, Huroob must be canceled through Saudi Jawazat. After the expiry of the validation period, the canceling of Huroob is quite complex.


Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

What will Happen if the Deadline is Over for Huroob Cancellation?

After the expiry of the deadline in the system, the person who is charged, his computer is seized, and his information is forwarded to the law enforcement agency, after which there is a lot of complexity. So it is crucial first to cancel the Huroob and then start working on a change of sponsorship. Otherwise, the computer will be locked in the central system of authentication so that no action can be taken. Read more: Huroob Cases to Face Permanent Deportation with Zero Chance to Enter the Kingdom Again


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