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Travel Rules for Travelling to Bahrain via King Fahad Bridge

The management of the King Fahad Bridge, which connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, has issued travel rules for those who travelling to Bahrain. However, the administration has exempted persons belonging to five categories from the corona laboratory test. Who belongs to these five categories? What would be the fine if a person has not taken the corona test? To know the answers, keep reading.

Exemption from the Corona Laboratory Test Certificate

The “Akhbar 24” reported that the King Fahd Bridge administration issued a statement stating that diplomats and their families, those returning from government campaigns, soldiers performing government duties, their families, those returning from treatment at the expense of the Ministry of Health and their families, those participating in Corona’s clinical trials in Bahrain and children under the age of six will be exempted from the Corona Laboratory Test Certificate.

How much would be the Fee for getting Tested?

The administration of King Fahad Bridge says those travelling to Bahrain must adhere to the Corona laboratory test in advance. The test result will only be valid for 72 hours. Those who have not taken the test will have to pay a fee of 400 Saudi riyals to get tested.

Acceptable Test Results

According to the administration, the test result will be acceptable through the ‘Mujtama Wa’i’ app or the official smartphone app in Saudi Arabia, while the test certificate issued by a Saudi or Bahraini laboratory approved by Bahrain will also be considered acceptable.

When can they undergo a Test after they Arrive in the Country?

According to the administration, passengers who do not have a corona test certificate in advance will have to undergo a laboratory test by paying a fee in the form of a credit card, bank card or cash. Those who stay in Bahrain for 10 days or more will have to undergo the test on the tenth (10th) day of arrival in the country.

Following measures should be taken for travelling to Bahrain via King Fahad Bridge. Corona test is compulsory for travelling and passengers must have their test certificate with them while travelling. Stay safe and Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more.

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