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Two Doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine Are Mandatory to Enter Public Places From October 10, 2021.

To control the spread of coronavirus, vaccination is the only method as no proper treatment is out there. Governments around the globe are imposing different strategies to encourage people to get the vaccination. The Saudi government also came up with new plans.

According to SPA new Regulations are Set for October 10th

The Interior Ministry has said that from October 10, those who do not receive both doses of the vaccine will be banned from entering public and private institutions. According to the Saudi news agency SPA, Interior Ministry sources said that both doses of the vaccine have been made mandatory in the kingdom to protect against corona.

Only Some People are Exempted from Vaccination

In this regard, persons with a special exemption status on ‘Tawakkalna’ will be exempt from vaccination; all persons except the above category must be given both doses of the vaccine to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Regarding the second mandatory dose of the vaccine, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the ban will be implemented on Sunday, October 10, 2021, from 6 am. Read more: Procedure of Registration on Tawakkalna Application by Outside Travelers to Saudi Arabia

Details about the New Regulation

After this date, individuals who have not been vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine will not be allowed to attend events, public, private and educational institutions, and will be banned from travelling by air. The statement added that those who do not take both doses will not be able to participate in tourism, cultural, recreational and commercial activities. Read more: Procedure to Register Vaccine in Tawakkalna for Saudi Expats

It should be noted that free vaccine facility is being provided to citizens and foreigners in the country to prevent coronavirus. Individuals who have been vaccinated with only one dose of Covid-19 vaccine will have their status on Tawakkalna as ‘one dose’, while those who have been vaccinated with both vaccines will have their status on Tawakkalna status as ‘both doses’. Those who want to participate in the above activities or go to public places should receive the second dose of the vaccine before the October 10 deadline set by the Interior Ministry to avoid any difficulty. Read more: Procedure to Register in Tawakkalna Without Having Abshar Account

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