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Two Saudi Men Arrested for Dancing While Waiting at a Red Traffic light

Saudi men Dancing

Dancing on roads in Saudi Arabia is not permissible as it violates the laws of Islamic culture and Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country with the majority of Muslims, so the government tries not to dishonor the boundaries of Islam.

Dancing and Fun publicly on the streets has caused trouble numerous times in the past. And an incident took place earlier this week was no different. Saudi men for dancing 

Case of Two Saudi Men Arrested for Dancing

In the city of Al-Qaseem, Unaizah, in Saudi Arabia Police arrested two Saudi citizens for dancing in the busy streets while waiting on a red traffic light. They were dancing on the road with their friends and posting it live on social media.

According to the reports and news, authorities caught them after watching their little party went viral online. Read more: Saudi man hires the entire shopping mall and takes his car inside for shopping

Police were able to track down the men after starting an investigation and identifying their car plate numbers. Officers continue to search for the remaining men who were involved in the incident. Read more: SR 300 fine for a child below 10 sitting on the front seat of a vehicle


Many of the Saudi citizens reacted on Twitter, about the video clip which got viral on social media.

Most of them considered the men’s behavior “inappropriate” and praised authorities for arresting them. However, others thought the incident was blown out of balance. Read more: Saudi woman car set on fire in mecca by young men who harassed her

Previous Similar Cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2017, Jeddah police arrested a teenager who did the Macarena at the center of a local crosswalk. The young boy was later released with a warning. Saudi men for dancing 

People Reacted on Twitter

Translated: “Where’s the respect for public morals? Where’s the respect for the law? This kind of behavior is a violation that must be prevented and punished. People must respect their limits in public.” 

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Source: Daily Mail

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