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Two Years Ban Proposed on Expats Leaving on Exit Visas in Saudi Arabia


Council of Saudi Chambers

Due to the recent initiatives of increasing Saudization and thereby boosting the nationalization in the business sector, the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) labor market committee has put forward a recommendation to ban the expats who left the country on final exit visas.

Proposed Period of Ban on Expats

The proposed period of ban on such expats would amount to 2 years from the date of exit. The recommendation is a follow-up on an earlier Cabinet resolution issued in 1975 and updated in 1977, which imposes a three-year ban on expat workers who left the Kingdom in violation of their contracts.

Another clause within the same resolution as mentioned above requires a one-year ban (1 year) on the expats who have refused to renew their contracts with their employers.

Saudi Vision 2030

Such initiatives will allow the kingdom to ensure the intake of more Saudi Nationals in the business and other related corporate sectors, thereby, increasing the overall employment rate of the local residents. The said objectives will ensure the smooth and efficient achievement of Saudi Vision 2030 as well. Recommended: Kingdom launches passports E-service 

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Source: Arab News

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