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Umer Ilyas – The Defender of Holy Quran

Islam is a religion of peace and love. It promotes social and religious harmony. However, anti-Islam campaigns, agendas, and propaganda with the sole reason to spread hate, terror, and violence in the name of Islam are being spread by white supremacist non-Muslims.

Islamophobia, racism and religious hatred have been giving rise to various hate crimes against Muslims in various countries around the world. Cases of brutal attacks, armed and un-armed are increasing at an alarmingly rapid pace. But Allah Almighty promises that He will be the guardian of his book and his religion will sustain among people till the last day.

Numerous heroes of Islam rise through such incidents and empower the Muslims around the globe. A similar incident happened in Norway which shook all the Muslims around the globe. Who is the defender of the Quran? Read about the bravery of the young man in the article below. We assure that you will love it…..

The young man later renamed as Defender of Quran

A video circulated on Social media o the incident of November 16th in Norway in which a Norwegian far-right group sparked outrage and the Stop Islamization of Norway’ (SIAN) leaders hold a protest at the largely Muslim-populated area of Kristiansand.

During the protest the leader of SIAN, Lars Thorsen threw two Holy Quran’s in the trash can. However, he intended to burn the third one when a Muslim jumped off the fence to save the Holy Quran from desecration and became the defender of the Holy Quran.

What happened when the man jumped off the fence?

A humiliation program was set up by SIAN with the protesters kept away with fences while the leader, Thorsen stood at the center disrespecting the Holy Quran. When the defender of Quran saw Thorsen putting fire on the Holy Quran, he couldn’t stop himself and jumped off the fence. Seeing the defender coming towards him, Thorsen quickly threw the Holy Quran away.

The defender managed to grab Thorsen’s jacket, twisting him around. However, the assailant falls to the ground after attempting to kick the anti-Islam activist. 

The police intervened but unfortunately went biased

After the defender attacked Thorsen, several attackers and protesters started coming off the fence. Under such violation, according to local reports, the Norway police intervened and took the attackers, protesters, and Thorsen under custody.

However, in another video that went viral, it was shown that Thorsen is led away by police with his hands behind his back, while the defender of the Quran was wrestled to the ground by a group of cops.

The praise acclaimed to the defender

As soon as the video went viral, the Muslim community around the globe praised the young man, named Ilyas Umar, (not confirmed) on his act of bravery. Netizens took to social media to praise Ilyas and also raise alarm over the rise of Islamophobia in Europe and around the world. Different hashtags started trending on Twitter such as:

#ilyas_Hero_of_Muslim_Ummah, #Norway, #Defender_of_Quran, #TheGloriousQuran

The remarks of PUN on the incident

The Pakistan Union Norway (PUN), an important social and cultural organization, strongly condemned the incident. PUN Chairman Chaudhry Qamar Iqbal, in a statement, referred to Lars Thorsen, said:

“He has hurt the sentiments of Muslims by desecrating the Holy Quran. Norwegians were peaceful people and Norway enjoyed a good reputation around the world as it respected the rights of other religions. People of Norway and its Muslims were also hurt over the fact that the desecration took place in broad daylight and the police did nothing to stop it.”

He condemned the police for taking action only when the man jumped in to stop the desecration and, instead, came to the aid of the agitator. He urged the Government of Norway to stop people who instigated and hurt the sentiments of others through extremism.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Statement on the incident

In the weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said,

“The Muslims respect other religions and they expect the followers of other religions to also respect their religious sentiments.”

The response of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on the incident

In a written statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on Norwegian authorities to stop anti-Muslim and xenophobic attacks, adding that,

“Turkey is expecting those responsible to be brought to justice as soon as possible.”

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Source: Daily Times

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