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Under 4 conditions Umrah pilgrims can claim the insurance

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Muslims from all over the world reach the Holy cities in the kingdom to perform Umrah and Hajj every year. Saudi Arabia is the center of the Muslim world which has special attention and dedication in the hearts of the Muslims. People wish to see the holy cities once in a lifetime by their own eyes. To ease the stay of Umrah & Hajj pilgrims in the kingdom and facilitate them in every possible way Saudi authorities have brought in various rules and regulations time and again.

The recent news of the Health Insurance gained much highlight since it allows health facilities to the Umrah and Hajj pilgrims over their stay in the kingdom. However, can the Umrah insurance be claimed if needed or under any situation? This question troubles the people who pay their dues for the insurance during their Umrah and Hajj visas. So don’t be confused any more as the following blog bring in a complete insight of at what condition you can claim your insurance.

Under which 2 conditions the Umrah & Hajj pilgrims can’t claim their insurance?

According to the comprehensive Insurance scheme as per announced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, an Umrah Insurance scheme holder cannot avail his insurance under two conditions. He will neither get benefited nor can any compensation, liability or claim be made. According to Makkah newspaper they are,

  1. If the insurance holder dies a natural death or gets completely paralyzed.
  2. If the insurance holder does something that causes his death or makes paralyzed completely.

Which conditions an umrah insurance holder can benefit from it?

Following conditions under the scheme are considered to be applicable for the Umrah Insurance holder to benefit from the insurance by claiming it. They are,

  1. Minor accident.
  2. Accidental paralysis.
  3. Accidental death.
  4. Death by Natural disaster.

How much insurance will be claimed by the holder?

According to the court decision, an amount of SR.100,000 ($26,665) is reserved for the insurance holders while subjected to any death case. However, for different gender, the insurance amount is different that is,

  • SR.300,000 maximum for men.
  • SR.150,000 for women.

SR.100,000 is allocated for sending the remains to the respective pilgrim country under the insurance scheme.

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