Traffic Accidents

Video: Speedy Driver Makes Terrible Car Accident in Riyadh

Accident in Riyadh

Traffic Accident in Riyadh

A speedy car has been crashed into two vehicles in the Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia in a terrible accident, local media reported this week. Recommended: Saudi Interior Ministry Launches E-Complaint Service for Traffic Fine

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The Viral clip which was captured on CCTV shows the car was crashing into vehicles after the motorist lost control – on their car – and barely misses a van and a 4WD as it drifts between the two vehicles. Read: Procedure for Reporting Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, the car crashes into a parked vehicle and another one as it was backing up, therefore, up till now no major casualty has been reported. Read more: SR 3,000 Traffic Fine for Using Devices to Detect SAHER

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Source: Khaleej Times

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