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What should I do if my Exit re-entry will Expire, and I am not in the Kingdom?

A variety of questions are being asked on the Twitter account of the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department; most of the questions are from Saudi expats who want to know that when will the direct flights open to the kingdom? What to do if the exit re-entry is expiring while you are not in the country? To know more, keep reading.

Is it Possible for me to go to a Gulf Country and bring a Maid with me?

One person asked if the maid was on holiday in her home country from where she would arrive in the Gulf next month. Is it possible for me to go to a Gulf country and bring a maid with me? The Saudi Jawazaat replied,

Citizens of countries from which direct travelling is not allowed should stay in a country for 14 days from which direct travel is allowed.

Travelers must be given both the Doses of Corona Vaccine before Arrival

To prevent corona virus in Saudi Arabia, only those people who have been given both doses of corona vaccine before leaving the country can come directly to the country from various countries including Pakistan and their status should be immune on Tawaklana app. Only such people can come to the country directly, but they must show their status on the health app and Tawakulna app before coming to the country. In addition, they must register on the ‘Qadoom’ portal before coming to the country.

What to do if my Exit re-entry will Expire before my Arrival in the Kingdom?

Another person has asked that his Exit re-entry will expire on October 29. While I am currently in Jordan where the stay period is 14 days, and the exit re-entry will expire. What should I do?

Iqama and Exit re-entry to be Extended Free of Cost Automatically

The Saudi Jawazaat said that in collaboration with the Saudi Passport Department, National Database Centre and Artificial Intelligence, the process of automatically extending the stay and departure period of Saudi expats is underway.

Extension in Phases

The period of Iqama and exit re-entry is being extended in phases. According to the royal decree, the period of Iqama and exit re-entry of those whose Iqama and exit re-entry expired will be extended automatically. However, under the royal decrees, the Iqama and exit re-entry of the Iqama holders who have gone out of the country has been extended till November 30, 2021, free of cost.

No Need to Approach any Government Offices for Extension

In this regard, for those whose Iqama and exit re-entry has not been extended yet, the Saudi Jawazaat said that they should wait for it will be extended in due course. The Saudi Jawazaat further said that there is no need to approach any government office for extension of Iqama and exit re-entry as it will be extended free of cost automatically. For more, visit our website, Stay tuned to Saudi expat news.

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