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What to do If Saudi Expats Lost their Passport in Saudi Arabia

When I was in Saudi Arabia I forget my passport somewhere and I don’t still remember that place, because I have an issue of dis remembering things, when I asked for help to someone, I said I lost my passport what can I do, then he said the procedure to get a new passport varies from country to country but most of the countries have the following requirement to issue a new passport in place of the passport lost in Saudi Arabia.

What to do if Saudi expat a lost passport?

If you really lost your passport or lost in Saudi Arabia, first of all, you need to make sure it is actually lost. Check your place first, your resident area, then your passport or document bag/file. If you actually lost your passport then the further process will help you otherwise everything will be difficult to find your passport. Read more: How to Re-issue Lost, Burnt & Damaged Saudi Driving License?

Is an Advertisement will helpful to bring back your passport?

Yes, definitely it will help if you lost it, advertisement will help you to bring back your passport, this step is to make an announcement about the lost passport in Saudi Arabia, in newspaper you will need to advertise your name, passport number, and contact number, these things will help you and request people to contact you in case of emergency or they find your passport. Read more: List of the Chamber of Commerce Offices in Saudi Arabia

What is the price of Standard Advertisement?

The standard advertisement is charged at SR 100, it is better to advertise in English language newspaper so that your embassy and consultant can understand easily. If you belong to some Arabic country, it is perfectly fine to advertise it in an Arabic newspaper.

How Saudi Jawazat help you?

Saudi Jawazat also is known as the General Directorate of Passports (GDP) is the department which is responsible for the issue of Saudi  Iqama for expatriates and passports for Saudis. You need to tell them your passport is lost in Saudi Arabia and you need to print to submit to your embassy or consultant to get a new passport.

Avoid making fake statements or lie, such as your bag was stolen as it will lead to further investigation, so if you want it simple just mention that you lost your passport due to your own mistakes, or it was dropped from your pocket, etc.

Is Saudi expat needs a complaint at the Police station?

In case if your passport is not found, an individual will need to do is to file a complaint at the most adjacent police station. He or she must state where and how the passport got lost. Moreover, it is also important to receive a copy of the report from the police.

Is important to carry Saudi Iqama for this procedure?

Attach the police report to the application form for the new passport. Standard procedures vary depending upon where the passport was lost. Moreover, it is also important for one to carry his or her Saudi Iqama anywhere he or she goes.

What documents are important to carry for complaint form?

An application form includes the following documents

  • Proof of one’s date of birth
  • proof of one’s residence
  • An affidavit of lost stating when and how the passport was lost.
  • Police report.
  • If available, a photocopy of the lost passport.
  • Two Photographs.

What documents are required to get a new passport?

Now, you need to visit the embassy of your country with the following documents, the consultant of your country will process your application and give you a slip to collect your passport at a specified date. Documents required by embassies to get a new passport in place of lost are.

  • The newspaper where you advertise for the lost passport.
  • The print from Saudi Jawazat.
  • Copy of Saudi Iqama.
  • Copy of lost passport
  • Fee for the new passport.

How do we know about the old passport was canceled?

When the applicant obtains his or her new passport, the last page of it would contain details of the old passport. Furthermore, there will be a note stating that the old passport has been canceled, but the visas contained therein remain active. This means that the old passport was canceled, but the visas attached to it continue to be valid.

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