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Which 5 Professions are not Included in the New Employment Law?

New laws were to be implemented from 14th March, 2021. The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development has implemented a new employment law in Saudi Arabia from March 14, but it will not include five (5) professions.

According to the Sources

The Ministry said that,

“The occupations of private drivers, janitors, housekeepers, shepherds and gardeners will continue to be sponsored as before.”

This will Provide Freedom of Employment

New employment law in Saudi Arabia, effective March 14th, 2021 , will give millions of expat workers freedom of employment.

Expats will have full control of their vacations and change of employment

After the end of the sponsorship system, expat employees will be able to change their jobs and leave the country without the employer’s consent. Read more: Is There Any Special Rules In The New Labor Reform System For Huroob?

These reforms are protecting the rights of employers and employees

The new reforms allow expat workers to work from one company to another. Expat employees will also be able to travel abroad and return, while the reforms will protect the rights of both employers and employers. Read more: 13 Key Points for Exit Re-Entry and Final Exit Visa Under New Labor Reforms

The public sector is very happy with the new laws introduced by the government. The public is hopeful that the government will make more laws to ease the standards of living for expats in Saudi Arabia. For more information regarding the topic visit our website.

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