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Which Summer Drinks are Beneficial in this Heat Wave in Saudi Arabia?

During the scorching summer days, it is critical to avoid dehydration at all costs. During a heat wave, it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Summers in Saudi Arabia are extremely hot and humid, with temperatures averaging 38/39 °C between June and August, and keeping hydrated becomes a concern in the hottest months of every year.

Stay Hydrated by Drinking Water

The most crucial component in staying hydrated during these hot summer days is to drink enough water. Drinking plenty of water is critical to avoiding the negative consequences of a heat wave. The fastest and most suitable approach to stay hydrated throughout the heat is to drink plenty of water. As a result of increased sweating, your body loses water at a faster rate. 

While water is the most refreshing drink for quenching thirst, other summery drinks will not only relieve our thirst but also keep our body cool.

I’ve gathered a list of cool summer drinks to help you battle the heat.

Coconut water

On a hot summer day, coconut water might be the healthiest natural drink you can have. It contains various nutrients and vitamins. I personally prefer Coconut water as it aids in the recovery of diarrhea, adds radiance to the skin and lowers the danger of kidney stones. Furthermore, in extreme temperatures, unsweetened coconut water is the greatest option.


Lemonade is the simplest summer drink to prepare in summer but it is undoubtedly excellent in combating the heat wave. Lemon is high in vitamin C, but it also contains vitamins and minerals. By drinking lemonade, everyone feel refresh and cool.

Sugarcane Juice

In the summer, people can avoid heatstroke by drinking sugarcane juice. I feel really refreshing after drink this juice. Sugarcane juice provides energy and also aids in the battle against common diseases. Sugarcane juice is also high in nutrients and minerals. As a result, it’s also useful for quick hydration.

Mango Milkshake

Mango milkshake is a must-have on our list of the best drinks to keep you cool this summer. Mango is the king of fruits, and when combined with milk, it becomes even more nutrient-dense and delicious.

Buttermilk or Chhaas

Another digestive and calming drink for the hot months is chhaas. It is also known as buttermilk. It is especially beneficial in the summer since it prevents dehydration. It also aids in the recovery of your stomach after a particularly spicy meal.

Aam Panna

The heat-resistant qualities of Aam Panna are well-known. Mango pulp is combined with cumin and mint leaves to make this pleasant summer drink. Furthermore, this beverage is abundant in Vitamin C.

In addition, this drink has a great soothing effect on the body, preventing heatstroke and dehydration.

Watermelon Juice

Everyone love to eat watermelon in summer but drinking watermelon juice is a good option if you don’t like having seeds in your mouth. It’s quite refreshing, and its hydrating characteristics aid in keeping your body hydrated and fresh.

So go ahead and enjoy these refreshment drinks to ensure a pleasant and healthy summer in 2021!

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