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Why Life Expectancy is Reduced in Saudi Arabia?

According to the latest study in 2020, the average life expectancy at birth in Saudi Arabia was 75.28 years which is growing at an average rate of 0.69% annually. Along with this researchers have found that due to various reasons including smoking, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity the average life expectancy is reduced. It is estimated that on average 4.9 years in men and 4.1 years in women age is reduced due to various reasons.

To understand the reasons behind the reduction of life expectancy, first of all, we have to gain certain information regarding life expectancy.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy involves the analysis of the average time an organism is expected to live depending on their birth year, their current age, and several other demographic factors including sex, genetics, or any other kind of illness.

However, as the life expectancy is average, so a person can either die many years before or after that expected survival rate. Not only in human life expectancy is also measured in plant or animal ecology. Read more: 4 Types of Arthritis, and Their Symptoms And Treatments

Source: Arab News

Reasons of Reduction in Life Expectancy

Several reasons cause variations in life expectancy among different countries of the world and are mostly caused by

  • Differences in public health
  • Medical care
  • Diet

It is observed that the life expectancy is low in developing populations as they have much higher death rates of infants due to poor medical condition that decreases the overall average life expectancy. Along with this some of the important reasons for the reduction of average life expectancy and early deaths in children and young adults of developing countries are: Read more: Is Keto Diet Good for Your Health in Saudi Arabia?

  • Malnutrition
  • Trauma
  • Infections

Some of the main reasons that contribute to a reduction in life expectancy include: 

  • Economic circumstances
  • Sex differences
  • Genetics
  • Mental and other illness

Economic circumstances

Economic circumstances contribute to a reduction of life expectancy like people living in poor areas have a poor diet and have increased exposure to air pollution in their surrounding environment, and are more stressed that’s why the average rate of disease occurrence in them is high and due to lower access to medical facilities, their life expectancy is less. Read more: How Can you Avoid a Heart Attack?

Sex differences

The average life expectancy of the female is high then males because men consume more tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as compare to women and they are more likely to die from various diseases like lung cancer, tuberculosis (TB) and liver cirrhosis and also due to different injuries of motor vehicle accidents, suicide. Read more: Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary for Every Young Child in Saudi Arabia?


The average life expectancy also depends on genetics like if a disease runs in your family then you are at a high risk of being affected by that disease so the death rate is increased. Studies also showed that a high level of iron in the blood may also reduce the life expectancy in humans. Read more: Which Summer Drinks are Beneficial in this Heat Wave in Saudi Arabia?

Mental and other illness

Studies show that mental illness contributes to almost a 10-25 years reduction in the average life expectancy. According to WHO main causes of reduced life expectancy in Saudi Arabia includes ischemic heart disease followed by hypertensive heart disease, congenitive anomalies, lower respiratory infections, road traffic accidents, and diabetes mellitus.

In conclusion, by studying the risk factors affecting mortality and life expectancy we can properly try to improve health and will also reduce health issues and increase the life expectancy throughout the world.

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