Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Will Corona Vaccinated People Die a Year Later?

A rumor was articulating on the social media that the vaccinated people will die within a year of being vaccinated. These rumors spread fear in the public regarding the vaccine. Many people are now afraid to be vaccinated.

But fortunately the Saudi Ministry of Health has dismissed the baseless rumor circulating on social media that corona vaccinated people would die a year later.

According to the Sources

The Ministry of Health has said that,

There is no truth in the fact that the corona vaccine will cause death within a year.

The corona vaccine is not only very useful but also safe. Its usefulness has been recognized by international medical organizations and it is being used all over the world. Read more: Will it be Necessary to Wear a Mask Even after the Covid-19 Vaccine in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Health has said that the only way out of this global crisis is for the majority of the country’s population to be vaccinated. Read more: How Long will the Mask and Social Distance be Restricted After Vaccination?

Discussions in Twitter With the Ministry of Health

One person asked the Ministry of Health on Twitter:

There is a rumor circulating on social media that the corona vaccine kills within a year. Is this true?

Answering this question, the Ministry of Health said that,

This is not true at all.

The use of mask is still necessary as the vaccination process will take too much time. These were the instructions given by the experts in this field. If the corona vaccine is given to everyone, it will take time for it to become active, so the mask must be worn for a long time.

Till further updates, we should use face masks and be safe. For more information do visit our website and keep on reading the new articles.

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