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Will Hajj 2020 Get Suspended Due of Coronavirus?

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Who is not aware of the effects Coronavirus has caused. It is certainly saddening and equally shocking to see how the little invisible virus is threatening people worldwide resulting in international cut off with a complete ban on international flights and country-wise lockdown. With researchers and scientists busy working on finding treatment strategies, the influencers are busy telling people about the impact of the deadly virus.

Where the biomedical engineers are busy creating various diagnostics kits for the suspects the philanthropists are busy helping the needy suffering from the Coronavirus lockdown. What’s more heart breaking for the Muslims is the empty Masjid al Haram in Makkah and Masjid un Nabwi where hundreds and thousands of pilgrims used to move around the black cube shaped building known as the House of Allah every single second within 24 hours and 7 days. But there’s another possible speculation that has made everyone even more worried. What is it about? Read in the article below.

Hajj to be Possibly Suspend due to the Fear of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly RNA-based virus that spreads from human to human contact at direct mean and through touching the contaminated surfaces at indirect mean. To restrict the virus it is important to avoid social gatherings as the symptoms appear after 14 days and till then thousands of people get infected. For this reason, where social distancing is promoted, Hajj which is one of the biggest gatherings of people worldwide is also at the possible stake of suspension.

Is this the First Time Hajj will be Suspended?

When the people saw the empty Mataf they speculated the possibility of ever Tawaf of the Mighty house stopped in the history of Islam? It was this time when the historians of Islamic history rose and told people how Mataf stayed empty in early years. Similarly, as the possible suspension of Hajj arises, we might think is it the first time Hajj will be suspended? So to clarify, as historians it is certainly not the first time Hajj will be stopped.

How Many Times did Hajj Suspended in Previous Times?

According to the rough estimation, approximately 40 times in the history Hajj was either suspended or was performed by an extremely low number of people.

Which was the Longest Suspension of Hajj?

According to the Saudi King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives the most infamous cancellation of the Hajj took place in the 10th century AD or the 3rd century of the Islamic calendar. The Qarmatians sect took over the city of Makkah since they considered the Hajj to be an atheist ritual and in 930 AD Abu Taher carried out a vicious attack on Makkah during the Hajj season.

After killing 30,000 pilgrims while mockingly chanting verses of the Quran at them, they dumped their bodies in the sacred Zamzam well, and stole the Black Stone from the Kaaba. It was this time when Hajj was cancelled for ten years.

What were the other Times when Hajj was Suspended?

Following are a few of other times when Hajj was suspended for various reasons.

S.No. Year Description
1 865 AD Ismail bin Yousef, known as Al-Safak, who led a rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate, massacred pilgrims gathered at the Arafat Mountain near Makkah resulting in the suspension of Hajj.
2 983 AD Corresponding to 372 AH, it was said that no one from Iraq went to the year 380 AH because of the discord and differences between the successors of Bani Abbas and the successors of Egypt Bani Ubaid.
3 1000 AD The Hajj was suspended due to rising costs associated with travel.
4 1037 AD Corresponding to 428 AH, no pilgrims from Iraq and pilgrims from Egypt and others went for Hajj.
5 1253 AD Corresponding to 650 AH, the people of Baghdad returned to Hajj after an exception of 10 years, following the death of the victorious caliph.
6 1257 AD Corresponding to 655 AH, none of the people of the Makkah performed pilgrimage, nor did the banner of the kings of the Kings be taken to anyone in Mecca.
7 1814 AD About 8,000 people died in the country of Makkah due to the plague resulting in Suspension of Hajj.
8 1831 AD an epidemic from India killed nearly three quarters of the pilgrims performing Hajj resulting in suspension.
9 1837 – 1892 During 1837 and 1892, infection killed hundreds of pilgrims on a daily basis causing suspension of Hajj such as,
10        – In 1837 AD pilgrims faced several epidemic outbreaks halting Hajj.
11        – In 1846 AD cholera outbreak was recorded for several years until 1850 and returned back in 1865 and 1883 AD.
12        – 1858 AD a severe pandemic caused pilgrims to escape from Makkah to Egypt.
13        – 1864, a thousand pilgrims die every day due to a serious epidemic.
14        – 1871 AD, Medina struck an epidemic that forced Egypt to send doctors and build quarantine in Makkah on the road from Makkah to Madinah.
15        – 1892 AD, the cholera outbreak coincided with Hajj resulting in accumulation of dead bodies which became impossible to burry.
16        – 1895 AD, Typhoid or dysentery fever outbreak originated from Madinah.
17        – 1987 AD, Highly infectious meningitis outbreaks resulted in 10,000 infected patients.

The Possibility of Hajj Suspension are just Rumors

According to sources, The Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf al-Maliki responded to the arising speculation that Hajj will be suspended this year saying,

No decision has been made on the cancellation of Hajj this year by the Saudi government. I would like to assure everyone that Allah the Great has supported our wise government to serve the Herman Sharif and the pilgrims who attend the holy house of Allah. And this (government) undoubtedly always strives to provide the best services for pilgrims every year and always strives to protect them. If a decision like this (cancellation of Hajj) is made, it will be handed over to the pilgrims in a timely manner.

Thus the rumors are set down by the Saudi ambassador. However, the religion of Islam is based on kindness and affection. It teaches us brotherhood and that is what required. We must abide by the rules and regulations for our safety as well as our neighborhood. May Allah keep us all safe and sound. Subscribe us for daily updates and share the article in your circle.

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