Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Will it be Necessary to Wear a Mask Even after the Covid-19 Vaccine in Saudi Arabia

This is the question that is on everyone’s mind in Saudi Arabia. Not only Saudi Arabia but all across the world as many pharmaceutical companies across the globe are getting positive results after testing their Covid-19 vaccines.

According to Sources

Dr Yasir Al-Qureshi, an expert in virus studies at Tayyaba University, responded by saying that,

Masks will continue to be worn after vaccination. A vaccine manufactured by Pfizer has been registered in Saudi Arabia.

How Pfizer got their Covid-19 Vaccine Registered?

The most successful Covid-19 vaccine would always be the one getting the first license to be sold. And the Pfizer scientists worked hard and brought up a vaccine with recording setting a 90% success rate. This may be the first-ever vaccine with a success rate claims that high. Read more: Procedure to Get Online Appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination

“Experiments have shown that the success rate of the vaccine is 90%, which means that 90% of vaccinators will be protected from the corona.” the company said.

What about the rest 10% not being cured?

As for the remaining 10% of people who will not benefit significantly from the vaccine, everyone has to wear a mask. Also, getting vaccinated does not mean that vaccinators cannot be infected with the coronavirus. A person who is vaccinated may get corona, but he will not get sick because of the virus. Such a person will have corona and will continue to transmit it to others. Read more: Ministry of Education Announces to Continue Online Education Even After Covid-19

These were the instructions given by the experts in this field. If the corona vaccine is given to everyone, it will take time for it to become active, so the mask must be worn for a long time. Till further updates, we should use face masks and be safe.

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