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Woman sits on Mating Snakes, gets Bitten and Dies

In Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) a women incidentally sit on snakes while talking on phone. The incident took place in a village on Wednesday. This is the most shocking news on social media, but in village it is very normal to see a snakes, some snakes are dangerous because they get very large and they constrict to kill their prey.

What happened with the women?

Women was talking to someone on phone. A pair of snakes had entered the house and was on the bed, which had a printed bed cover. Gita walked into the room while talking on phone, and without seeing the snakes, sat down on the bed.

The snakes bit her and within minutes, she fell unconscious. Other family member rushed her to a nearby hospital but during the treatment she died. Read more: Indian Minister is working on Cow Urine to Prepare Medicine

How they react when they came back?

When the family member and neighbors returned to her room, the snakes were still on the bed. Angry neighbors beat the snakes the snakes to death. The people of the village was very harsh and angry on the snakes of the village. They killed the group of snakes very badly. Read more: Indian Mother’s prayers bring ‘dead’ son back to the life

Death is caused by snakebites in India

In India there are many villages where snakes lived in. the largest number of death due to animals in India is caused by snakes bites. The snakes are the responsible for a majority of death are highly adaptable. There are also a fraction of the snakes in India. Read more: The Ran away Indian guy came back home in Sharjah

Which snakes kills most human in India?

 In India monocle cobras, king cobras, banded kraits and others are quite capable of killing people. The people of India lived in fear, the children’s of the village afraid to play outside. Snakes are deaf but their bite will kill people because of poison. India has long been thought to have more snakebites than any other country. Read more: Indian Wife’s Last Message to Her Husband Before Ethiopian Airlines Crash

How many people die in India?

Roughly 46,000 people die of snakebites in India every year, nearly 97% of snakebite deaths in India occur in rural area. Mostly the villagers are uneducated the do not know how to deal someone if snake bites.

But it the responsibly of government to safe them and teach them. Delayed treatment can cause death especially beyond six hours after the bite. It’s the duty of India government to aware them and gave them facilities.

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