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Travelers to Saudi Arabia can now Carry Cigarettes as per the New Law

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Traveling is fun. You can visit all the different countries, explore new places, and enjoy different weathers and what not. People consider traveling as their hobby while others take this as a permanent job. They earn from what they enjoy. The new culture of vlogging has motivated many others to hold cameras and start showing the world to the people who cannot travel across the lush green trees, white clouds, Rocky Mountains, and mesmerizing environments.

But with traveling comes the necessary restrictions. You can issue a passport, get a visa, buy a ticket, but when it comes to luggage, the real issue begins. Going across different borders gets tricky with the limitations of baggage access. Not only this, but the taxes on various electronics, steel, and other such accessories while traveling make you think whether you need to travel and especially with all these accessories or not?

Although you can pay the customs duty but yet the amount is so high that you think twice before taking such items on board. Ever thought about people who are smokers or tobacco addicts? They carry such things with them all the time because of their addiction, the real problem comes for these people. Either they are not allowed to take cigarettes or tobacco on board with them, or there is restriction. What is Saudi Arabia’s stance on this? Read about it in the article below.

The new order passed by the Saudi Government on drug-carrying

Saudi Arabia’s Customs Department has issued a new written directive to its personnel at airports, seaports, and border posts according to which packet of cigarettes and a specific amount of tobacco is listed safe for traveling.

What is the safe limit to carry cigarettes and tobacco? 

According to the Al-Marsad website, the Customs Department specified the number of cigarettes and tobacco as per the following statement.

Any passenger can carry (10) bundles of cigarettes or (100) packets. Any passenger can carry half a kilogram of tobacco. A maximum of 10 bundle of cigarettes or (100) packets of cigarettes and (500) grams of tobacco and 24 cigars can be brought.

When will the customs duty apply to these items?

As per there statement,

If a passenger finds more than (10) bundles of cigarette or (100) packets and more than (500) grams of tobacco, in such case the maximum packet and tobacco will be confiscated, and customs duty will be quoted in fixed quantity as received.

Has the new rule is applied or not?

According to the sources, the implementation of the new code has begun from January 16, 2020.

It is always better to avoid carrying stuff with such custom duties. You have to pay the same amount for your item through which you can buy a new one in the new place. Further, the use of cigarettes and tobacco is unhealthy for health and should be avoided. Share the article and let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on the new law.


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