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The rise of Halal Cosmetics in KSA

Halal Cosmetics

Religion Friendly Cosmetics in Saudi Arabia

Even though most will cover their faces and hairs in public, thanks to changing laws and social codes, cosmetics are one of the biggest consumer categories among Saudi women.

Overview of Halal Cosmetics

Halaal cosmetics are skin and body care products that are free from materials forbidden by the Islamic Law. Therefore, blood from any animal, pork and pork related products as well as alcoholic constituents are not incorporated in manufacturing of these items. Recommended: A disease- Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

KSA Cosmetics Market

The KSA market, worth USD 4.7 billion as of 2015, is projected to grow at the rate of 12.64% to USD 8.53 billion by 2021. Saudi Arabia is a country with high GDP per capita and an administration that is modern, yet has further growth to witness with regards to women at the workplace. 

Average Spending on Cosmetics in KSA

The average Saudi Arabian woman spent no less than USD 3800 as of 2014.

Based on product type, premium fragrances and perfume accounted for the lion market share of more than 30% of Saudi Arabia market followed by hair care and skin care products in 2017. Further, the skin care products are expected to be the fastest growing segment at a the rate of +16% during the forecasted period.

Increasing Shift of KSA population towards Halaal cosmetics usage

With increasing availability of halaal makeup, Islamic population in Saudi Arabia is gradually shifting to cosmetic products free from materials prohibited under the Islamic Law.

In addition, growing health concerns due to harmful effects of ingredients used in manufacturing beauty product is increasing demand for Halaal cosmetics, not only among Muslims but also non-Muslim population in the country. Moreover, increasing preference for Halaal makeup is leading to a change in business strategy of the local as well as international companies operating in the market. Companies are focusing on accommodating the growing preference for Halaal cosmetics products in the country. Recommended: An increasing trend of obesity in Saudi Arabia

The Cosmetic industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is growing at rapid pace. The standard of living of rich in the country is virtually incomparable to any other country in the world, which is the major factor for the growth of premium cosmetic products.

Cosmetic industry growth is majorly driven by young and aspirational population who want to invest in grooming, getting attractive appearance and maintaining their health in the process. 


Based on the above view, it is recommended to prefer and use Halaal cosmetics. Furthermore, usage of such cosmetic products which are non-compliant of the Islamic laws must be abandoned prospectively.

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