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As we know that performing an Umrah, once in a lifetime, is a Saadat and also a Sunnah of Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) for a Muslim, and it has been observed that many people spend their entire life to save money to fulfill this Sunnah.

As it has been observed, that in many countries, the respective agents have been charging in excess of SR 2,000 for Umrah Visa from pilgrims even though the same is not required to be paid. Read: Saudi Arabia Announces to Start Issuing E-Visas for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

The previous rule was that you will need to leave a gap of one Hijri year in order not to be charged.

What are the Conditions for Additional Umrah Visa Fees?

Based on the aforementioned observation, we have elaborated following certain underlying conditions for the visa fee payment of SR 2,000. Smart bracelets for Umrah pilgrims with GPS technology

  1. It is not required to pay any additional fee for Umrah Visa, in case, if it’s your first visit.
  2. Secondly, It is not required to pay any additional fee for Umrah Visa, if you haven’t performed in the last 24 months. You will need a gap of two Hijri years in order not to pay the additional fees SAR 2,000.

No Immigration will be Required for Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

For Instance, if you did Umrah in the month of Safar 2017 Hijri 1439 and you are planning to perform in the same Hijri year, you must pay an additional fee i.e. SR 2,000. 

However, if you did Umrah in the month of Safar Hijri 1440 and you decide to perform again in the Hijri Safar 1442 then you don’t need to pay an additional fee (i.e. SR 2,000). Read more: Pilgrims and Saudi Expats May Soon Travel to Madinah on Camel Backs

You can also check through the website whether you are required to pay the additional fee or not.

The followings are certain guidelines which ensure that no extra visa fees are paid to the agent as mentioned above.

    • First, Click Here to open the link.
    • Then, you need to select your nationality and enter the passport number correctly.
    • In the last step, you have to enter the image code and click on the submit button to proceed.
    • A new screen will appear, where you can find whether you will have to pay an additional fee for the visa or not (Below are the screenshots). Recommended: SR 50,000 Fine and 6 Months Imprisonment for Umrah Pilgrims

Those who are not required to pay an additional fee.

Those who are required to pay an additional fee.

Hope that the aforementioned guidelines will assist in applying for the Umrah visa, especially while paying the visa fee.