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Kingdom launches passports E-service in KSA

Passports E-Services in KSA
Renewal of Passports Upon Expiry

Earlier, the renewal of the passport was a strenuous procedure for each one of us. The expatriates especially need to reserve the appointment from their respective country’s embassy, gather the copies of the required documents and visit the embassy on the appointment date. The officials serving in the embassies used to receive the required passport fees and then the individual needs to undergo through all the inquiries and ensure the biometric process is completed as required.

Cheering News!

Cheering News of Passports E-Services in KSAThere is a good news that the Directorate General of Passports in Riyadh has recently announced the launching of three new electronic services in KSA. While the said service will provide hassle-free passports services to the citizens and expatriates living in KSA.

Due to the launching of such service, all the time taking procedures related to renewal of passport will come to an end and provide great satisfaction to the citizens and the expatriates.

Components of New Passport E-Services

The three new e-services are:

1. Employers with less than 100 employees can electronically update passport data of their workers.

2. Expats can update their dependents’ passport data after the renewal of passports in missions within the Kingdom.

3. Expat data service: To access this service Abshir Aamal (business) is mandatory. This enables employers to obtain basic data of their workers in their companies. As a result, the data can be printed to submit to authorities when requested.

These services help those who are having Abshir account, to authorize others to carry out services related to dependents.

Source: AlBilad

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