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Saudi Arabia agrees to abolish Umrah fees of SAR 2,000 for Pakistanis

Umrah fees

Brief Overview

Earlier, the government of Saudi Arabia levied the Umrah fees amounting to SAR 2,000 on the Umrah pilgrims visiting the Kingdom second time within the year.

The said step was taken to discourage the frequently repeated Umrah pilgrims and to accommodate more and more the new and first time Umrah pilgrims. Most Viewed: Good News! Reduction in the Visit Visa Fees for Pakistanis

Efforts of Pakistani PM Imran Khan for Umrah Fees

Soon after becoming the elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan visited KSA on the invitation to strengthen Pak – KSA relationship. During the visit, the Prime Minister Imran Khan had requested Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud to agree to grant a waiver of 2,000 riyals tax imposed by the Saudi government on Pakistanis performing Umrah every year. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Umrah Visa from Pakistan

Just to add to the info. Egypt and Turkey have already been granted the waiver of the Umrah fees of SAR 2,000 before PakistanRecommended: Umrah visa fees for the second time visitors


All the aforementioned statements, info, and reports are being published in by the Ministry of Religious affairs of Pakistan. There is no official news declared from the relevant Ministry of KSA, stating that Saudi Arabia agrees to grant a waiver of the Umrah fees of SAR 2,000 at the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request.

Benefits if Saudi Arabia agrees to grant a waiver of the Umrah fees of SAR 2,000

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In case, if Saudi Arabia agrees to grant a waiver of the Umrah fees of SAR 2,000 to the repeated Umrah pilgrims from Pakistan, it will contribute a handsome revenue increase in the economy of the Country.

The reason for such an increase is due to the fact that the numbers of Umrah Pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia are quite significant as compared to the other nationalities. Recommended: Procedure to apply for Umrah visa from Pakistan

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