Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authority Launches Online Portal to Get Temporary Pass During the Curfew Hours

Coronavirus is the ongoing issue in the world. It has paved its way throughout the world and has stopped all types of trade, business and educational affairs. In the midst of all of this it has become quite hard for the people to leave their houses as the lock-down has been put into effect.

Such lock-down has been put to stop the spread in the kingdom as it already has created its adverse effects in other countries like Italy. So the question arises that how can someone leave their house? Is there any way for the people to leave their home to operate different tasks? To find the answer to these questions read the article below.

The Recent Announcement of Curfew Pass

The Saudi Public Security has shared a link to issue curfew passes in humanitarian and exceptional circumstances. The department started issuing curfew passes to staff of the companies engaged by different municipalities to operate different tasks.

What Statement is Given by the Department?

According to the local newspaper, the Saudi Public Security has stated that,

Timely curfew passes will be issued in special, emergency and humanitarian conditions within the region during the curfew, between commissioners or within the city.

The department further said that,

This special facility is available to all Regions of the State except for the Makkah and Madinah Regions.

How to Get a Curfew Pass?

The Saudi Public Security also stated that in the special case, the person who is wishing to obtain a temporary curfew pass will go to the below mentioned link to register himself in the data box and the reason for obtaining the curfew pass. The Saudi departments will overview his request and after which it will receive a message of approval or disapproval on the mobile.

The department said that,

Upon approval, the recipient of the curfew will be told the time and route of departure from the house.

Where can we Find the Link?

Here is the link to get a temporary curfew pass: (Click here)

According to the statement given the department, it should be noted that the curfew passes are not for residents and Saudi expats of Makkah and Madinah region.

Cancellation of passports

According to the report, the passports used during the curfew in Saudi Arabia will be canceled by April 21, after which the same centralized pass will come in handy.

Referring to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry on curfew passes, Saudi news agency SPA says that

Only state-level digital passes will be available, which the companies centralize for their workers.

In order to get the approval from the Interior Ministry, Company owners must get their movement permits stamped by paying a visit to the Interior Ministry offices or via MOI representatives in the municipal sectors. However, these passes will not be received by the public till Tuesday 21st April.

Curfew passes are a great step taken by the government to ensure the safety of the people and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia. Stay safe and take all precautions. Keep your distance with people. We wish the speedy recovery of people already affected by this pandemic. For further information visit our website. Stay tuned.

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