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World’s 2nd Oldest 107 Year Old Woman Recovered from Deadly Disease Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a deadly disease originated from Wuhan, China. This pandemic has spread throughout the world in no time. Coronavirus has affected lives of many. It has caused several deaths around the globe but other than that a lot of people have also been recovered from this pandemic including this 107 years old lady who fought this virus bravely despite her age. But how was she diagnosed? For more information about that lady and her story read the article below.

Second Oldest Lady to Combat Coronavirus

According to the report,

A 107-year-old Turkish woman has become the second patient of her age to survive the disease as she has beaten the corona virus.

How was She Diagnosed? 

According to the reports, Havahan Karadeniz was admitted at Istanbul Education Research Hospital as she was suffering from cough and high fever, where she was diagnosed with coronavirus. 

When was the Old Lady Recovered from the Deadly Virus?

The great-grandmother was able to make a full recovery by Monday, April 13th, when she was discharged from the hospital with applause of the medical workers.

What was the Statement given by the Lady?

Karadeniz thanked the medical staff for their efforts and expressed her views through the outlet. She said,

The hospital was good and so were the personnel, Well, I will tell everyone.

Was She the First Lady to Recover from Coronavirus?

No, the first oldest patient who fought the corona virus was a 107-year-old patient from Netherlands. Karadeniz joined her in becoming the oldest known people to recover from COVID-19. Read more: Newborn Baby Who Becomes World’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim

How did 107-year Old Lady Become the Oldest Survivor of Coronavirus?

According to the newspaper, Cornelia Ras of Netherlands started feeling sick on March 17th, a day after her 107th birthday, at her nursing home on Goeree-Overflakkee, an island in the southwest of the country.  She tested positive for the virus along with about 40 other residents, twelve of these residents have since died but Ras made a full recovery about two and a half weeks. She was told by her doctors that despite the odds she has successfully beaten the virus.

Did her Family Expected that She will Survive?

No, her family wasn’t expecting this. Her niece Maaike de Groot told the newspaper,

We did not expect her to survive this.

She further added that,

She takes no medicines, still walks well and gets down on her knees every night to thank the Lord. From the looks of it, she will be able to continue to do so.

Prior to Ras, the oldest widely documented Coronavirus survivor was Bill Lapschies, a 104-year-old American. Such cases have been reported quite recently. As the number of deaths is increasing the number of recoveries is also increasing. Let’s all hope for the faster eradication of this pandemic and along with that steps to stop its spread should also be taken like isolation, washing your hands and maintaining social distance. Stay safe. And for further stories and news visit our website and stay tuned.

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