Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

The Announcement by Pakistani Consulate for Visit Visa and Final Exit Visa Holders in KSA

Day after another, the situation of Coronavirus is becoming worse only. From only in Wuhan, China, the deadly disease started infecting people across different regions, countries and now officially declared as a pandemic by WHO. Italy, the biggest tourism hub, has cut down all links with the country as the nation becomes a severe victim of the deadly disease. The countries have started taking strict precautions in schools, colleges, universities are closed. The tours and business trips are canceled.

With the current pandemic hitting the world, Saudi Arabia has made sure to evacuate itself from all possible situations to protect its citizens and Saudi expats. We all are well aware how the country first announced the ban on Umrah and Ziyarat that ultimately lead to even citizens and Saudi expats in the country from performing Umrah and Ziyarat.

Not only this as soon as the outbreak occurred in Saudi Arabia the kingdom cancelled all international flights for 2 weeks giving 72 hours for all Saudi Expats and citizens to come back to the kingdom. However, all major events and gatherings were shut down following the first time no Friday/ Jummah prayer offered in mosques countrywide today.

A huge amount of Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia. Among the list, Pakistan tops. Not only Pakistani’s are working there but a huge amount of them went to the kingdom to perform pilgrimage. However with the critical situation and country lock-down, it was tough for those pilgrims to return back to their homeland, Pakistan.

The Pakistani Ministry talked with the Saudi officials and got initially 3 days which turned into 2 weeks exemption for them to return back to their country.

The Recent Announcement by Embassy of Pakistan

The Pakistani embassy also has taken a greater initiative for Pakistani Saudi expat living in the Kingdom. They have developed a form to gather the data of all Pakistani Saudi expats affected by flight restrictions.

What is the Deadline and How to Fill a Form?

Those Pakistani nationals & their families, who are stuck up in Kingdom and their visit / work visit /business and final exit visas are going to expire on or before 15 April, 2020, are requested to upload their information on the link (Click here) mentioned link before 23 March 2020 so that Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh may take efforts and coordinate with concerned departments for their early repatriation to Pakistan.

Even if your visit visa deadline is till April 15 and want to return to Pakistan you can fill in the given form giving your right details for the embassy to help you out.

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