Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health Announces Facility to Take Online Appointment for Persons having Symptoms of CoVid-19

Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is the new talk of the town. With more than 70 countries affected and thousands of lives gone, essential steps must be taken for its precaution and prevention. The states have officially banned traveling to and fro from the affected countries to avoid any corona-virus affected case in their country.

Similarly, the N-95 masks are available in every shop and market with necessary precaution guidelines on the internet to mark people safe from this deadly disease. Recently, Saudi Arabia took a significant step and restricted any Umrah pilgrimage in Makkah and Madinah to avoid gathering and chances of corona-virus. This resulted in an incredibly heartbreaking photo of empty Mataf.

The country is trying its level best to have no case of corona-virus. Under these circumstances, the government has officially passed a statement of guidelines for people if they feel any symptoms of the corona-virus. What are those symptoms, and what to do if you feel like any? Please read the article below to know how the government is assisting its citizens and Saudi expats.

The Instructions by the Saudi Government for Public

Saudi Arabia Department of Health officials has instructed victims of the corona-virus that if they want to conduct their tests do not go to the hospitals or offices directly. Instead, give a call and make an appointment to avoid the deadly virus transmission to others.

Whom can the People Call to Make an Appointment?

According to local newspaper, the statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Health states that,

The affected persons should stay in their homes and contact the special helpline 937. The people should have their tests in case of fever or when symptoms of respiratory distress appear.

The People Should Call for Aid than Doing Something Themselves

According to the Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad Abdul Ali,

The Corona-virus affected areas should report the numbers so that they, their families, and the community will be provided timely help to protect them from the deadly virus.

What Facilities are Provided by the Government for the Corona-Virus?

According to a health department spokesperson, The Saudi Ministry of Health has provided treatment and treatment facilities to 25 deadly virus patients and developed more than 1,400 specialty rooms. The Ministry of Health has allocated more than 2,200 beds in hospitals in different cities for corona-virus cases.

What Symptoms Require an Immediate Test for the Corona-virus?

Corona-virus test is necessary if you are facing any of the following symptoms.

  1. Symptoms of fever.
  2. Worsening of the respiratory system (cough or acute shortness of breath).
  3. Coagulation with a coronary virus patient during the past 14 days.
  4. If someone has a fever, he or she has difficulty breathing and has traveled to the deadly virus-affected areas in the last 14 days.
  5. If a person has not traveled to the affected areas and has not met any of the affected persons and their fever has worsened their respiratory system, and there is no cold, then a virus test is also required for them.

The government is taking necessary steps to prevent its nation from the deadly disease. It is the responsibility of the nation to actively take part and make sure that the virus may not spread. May we all be protected from the deadly disease, and the affected maybe cured soon. Stay safe and spread the article so everyone can know.

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