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Expat Engineers Will Require to Pass SCE Test for Renewal of Saudi Iqama

Majid bin Abdullah Al-Haqeel, Saudi Arabia’s acting Minister for Municipal and Rural Development has instructed the Saudi Council of Engineers to conduct a professional examination of Saudi expat engineers in the kingdom. What criteria is set for the people who want to join the council? How can a person receive membership from the council? Keep reading to know the answers to these.

Testing of Professionalism of the People Associated with the Saudi Council of Engineers

The Minister for Municipal and Rural Development has also empowered the Council to test the professional abilities of the Saudi expats associated with the engineering sector in order to achieve the targets set for further improvement of the engineering sector in the country.

What is the Requirement for the Expats to be Registered in the Saudi Council of Engineers?

According to the Saudi News Agency (SPA), the acting Minister has instructed the Saudi Council of Engineers in Saudi Arabia to register those in the department who are highly educated and experienced people in the field for which they will be selected after taking the prescribed professional examination. Read more: List & Category of Technicians Compulsory Required to be Registered with Saudi Council of Engineering

Standards Set by the Saudi Council of Engineers

However, according to the sources, standards have been set by the Saudi Council of Engineers for the provision of highly educated and experienced engineers in the country’s labor market.

How Work Permit is issued for Saudi Expat Engineers?

According to the set criteria, after registration in the Saudi Council of Engineers, the professional test of expat engineers is taken in which the successful expat engineers are given the membership of the council. The work permit of Saudi expat engineers is issued only after passing the professional test of the Saudi Engineering Council in the kingdom.

The Minister explained the process through which a person can get registered in the department. And how foreign engineers can get their work permit. Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more.

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