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Saudi woman gifts a mobile phone to her housemaid after her phone was stolen

Keeping the Housemaids in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite common, normally, they are considered as the permanent part of the family members since they live all the time together with each of the family members.

The Housemaids are working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the various part of the world and they support and run their family back at home by working here in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, it was noticed through the Social Media that one of the housemaids working in Saudi Arabia lost her mobile phone and the same was stolen. She got angry and was unable to purchase a cell phone again from her salary. 

When the employer of the Housemaid saw her agony, the employer gifted her a brand new one upon completing three years of work with the family.

The maid’s reaction to the gift is priceless

This isn’t the first time that a Saudi employer went out of their way to please their housemaids.

Earlier, a super emotional video of a Saudi family saying goodbye to their housemaid of 33 years spun the web.

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