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Traffic Violations will now be Detected Through Newly Automated System

The use of mobile phones whilst driving can cause distraction resulting in the increasing risk of accidents. Due to the use of mobile phones, drivers fail to keep their attention to the road that causes the deaths of many. However, the traffic police in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jawf region will begin automatically invoicing on seat belts and the use of mobile phones while driving from Sunday. To know more, read the article below.

Installment of the Automated System

According to the local newspaper, the traffic police’s (Moroor) statement on Twitter as saying that,

The installation of an automated system has been completed on several highways in the Al-Jawf area while the experimental phase has also been completed after connecting the system to the company’s central network.

How much Fine will be Charged?

Self-driving is starting from today Sunday August 16, 2020. Traffic police (Moroor) sources said that a fine of 150 riyals has been fixed for violating the seat belt in the automatic challan. Read more: Traffic Violations will now be Detected through new system known as CATSO

How much Fine will be Charged in case of a Recurrence of Violation?

In case of recurrence of violation within 30 days, the challan amount will be doubled to 300 riyals.

How much will be the Fine on the use of a Mobile Phone while Driving?

The use of mobile while driving is also considered a very serious violation on which a challan of 500 to 900 riyals will be issued.

Warning by the Traffic Police (Moroor)

It should be noted that people have been warned by the traffic police (Moroor) that using a mobile phone while driving has dangerous consequences, so it should be avoided.

The use of mobile phones whilst driving endangers the lives of many. The Saudi government announced these fines so that the drivers would avoid using mobile phones during driving. Proper traffic rules should be followed. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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